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Innovate, Engage & Succeed: Embracing the PLG Paradigm - 2H 2023

Allied Advisers is releasing its inaugural report on product led growth (PLG). As software users, we have had magical experiences with products that allow us to independently explore, test, purchase and expand usage without intervention from the product vendor’s sales team; these PLG strategies have been utilized successfully by leading SaaS companies such as Dropbox, Zoom, Klaviyo and Slack among others. This contrasts with sales led growth (SLG) that relies on direct sales teams to hunt and harvest product sales opportunities.

This report covers insights on how to develop a PLG strategy from Dharshan Rangegowda, a former Allied Advisers client who grew ScaleGrid via a PLG strategy before raising a growth round with a mid-market PE firm. In addition, the report provides details on transactions of PLG companies as well as profiles of certain PLG businesses in different verticals. Our report indicates significant differences in operational efficiencies when adopting a PLG model.


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